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Program overview

The Administrative Fellowship at Geisinger is a leadership training program that fosters your growth and development as a healthcare and insurance leader. Close relationships with the system leaders who serve as mentors, as well as the support and encouragement to create and implement solutions to real-world healthcare problems, define the experience. View our brochure.

Here’s how it works

The fellowship program is a two-year leadership experience with the opportunity to apply specific graduate study principles in the practical work setting of a fully integrated healthcare delivery system.

Seven program concentrations capitalize on the market and clinical differences of Geisinger’s service area hubs. While there currently is a fellow in each concentration, it is not guaranteed that every concentration will be fulfilled each year. For this recruitment cycle, we’re recruiting fellows for our Hospital Operations Central Region Track, Hospital Operations Western Region Track, Hospital Operations Northeast Region Track, Geisinger Health Plan Track, Research and Innovation Track, and Clinical Operations Track. Refer to our applications & selection process for more information. Although each concentration provides a unique experience, the core of our program is the integrated system itself and the knowledge gained through significant involvement with clinical operations, the health plan, community practice, finance, information technology and research. 

First-year opportunities

Fellows will work in selected key departments and divisions of Geisinger with the objective of obtaining an applied understanding of their respective skills and of the interplay amongst organizational units. First-year roles and responsibilities include:

  • Project management and operational program development
  • Design and implementation of clinical service line business plans
  • Committee leadership and management
  • Administrator on-call
  • Performance improvement leadership
  • Presentation to community boards and stakeholders  

Second-year opportunities

The second year is flexible, and placement is based on the mutual needs, interests and goals of the fellow and the organization. The intent of the second year is to provide real and significant management accountability. Fellows often fill a role as interim operations managers in the clinical service lines of the health system. Some fellows have opted for a second year focused more on a specific interest, such as strategic planning or marketing at the health plan.

This two-year training program carries no commitment of employment at Geisinger upon completion, although the majority of administrative trainees have continued their careers in the system. The knowledge and skills developed during the program are broadly applicable to any healthcare or insurance organization.