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Rachel Manotti

An Ithaca College roommate piqued Rachel Manotti’s interest in a career in health policy and management. An inspirational mentor at Geisinger reinforced her decision to pursue it.
“After Ithaca, I went to Cornell for a master’s in health administration. I knew I wanted to do an administrative fellowship and I knew I wanted to do it at Geisinger. I grew up in central Pennsylvania, so I knew all about Geisinger. It was always reassuring to know that topnotch healthcare was available so close to home for my family and friends, and I wanted to me a part of sustaining that service to the community,” she said.
Manotti’s mentor at Geisinger was the now-retired Chief Administrative Officer Lynn Miller. “I built a great relationship with Lynn and a number of other leaders during my fellowship. They always provided the latitude for me to experience more, to go deeper,” she said. In addition to the supportive environment, Manotti said the work itself was challenging and fascinating. “Healthcare is like a puzzle,” she said. “And I am a problem-solver, so I love figuring out how all the pieces go together most effectively.”
Today, as vice president of strategy and market advancement, Manotti leads a 20-person team that serves as Geisinger’s “strategy and growth champions.” “I have the opportunity to influence our strategy and direction and that’s exciting,” she said. “My team identifies growth opportunities, provides strategic insight and market intelligence, identifies trends and works across the organization to develop and deploy our strategic plan and strategic growth initiatives. It’s rewarding and fulfilling work.”
Looking back, Manotti said, “The important thing about the fellowship is that it not only led to my first job, but to the next one and the next one. All the learning and experience, plus those foundational relationships, really set my career trajectory.”