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Application packets are scored, and applicants ranked. Top applicants are offered interviews. Interviews are scored and added to a total applicant score. The top interviewed applicants are offered admission to the program. Applicants must submit an acceptance of the offer packet with a $150 deposit and scheduling of required background, drug and health screenings. Applicants who do not return the $150 deposit by the due date will have their offer rescinded and applicants from the wait list will be offered admission to the program. The next-highest applicants are offered a position on the wait list and may be offered a position in the program if the top applicants choose not to accept their position. There is no advanced placement option for the program. There is no policy for program credit based on prior education or experience in medical laboratory professions. Admitted students who are unable to meet the required background, drug and vaccine requirements by the deadline will have their offer rescinded.   

Leading healthcare change starts with open minds and lifelong learning. From the breakroom to the classroom, you can feel confident knowing when you speak up at Geisinger, your voice will be heard. We’re committed to: 

  • Ensuring respect and inclusion are foundational to all policies, programs and services 
  • Creating a culture that embraces and values differences 
  • Eliminating disparities to provide the highest-quality care for every patient, every time  

Geisinger complies with applicable federal civil rights laws and doesn’t discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, income, education, national origin, ancestry, marital status, culture, language, disability or gender identity. Read more about diversity, equity and inclusion at Geisinger.  

Application scoring

Applications are scored according to the following rubric. Positions are offered based on the available seats for the upcoming year.  


Application scoring chart


Admission requirements

Applicants to the Geisinger School of Medical Laboratory Science must meet the following minimum requirements:   

  • Completion of a bachelor's degree or completion of 90 semester hours of college course work, which must include the following courses and enrollment in a bachelor's completion program*:       
    • 16 semester hours of biology including microbiology 
      • Preferred/suggested courses in molecular biology, immunology, physiology 
    • 16 semester hours of chemistry including biochemistry or organic chemistry 
      • Preferred/suggested courses in analytical chemistry or chemical analytic methodology 
    • 3 semester hours of college-level mathematics (college algebra or above)            
      • Preferred/suggested course in statistics 
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 with a minimum grade of C in each of the above prerequisite coursework 
  • Completion of application with personal statement addressing why an education in MLS is essential to your personal career goals
  • Signed attestation that you can meet the essential functions of the program
  • Signed acknowledgement of required drug testing and vaccination requirements for Geisinger programs
  • Signed acknowledgement of required background clearances required for Geisinger programs 
  • Two reference submissions from employer, manager, supervisor or educator who can attest to your resilience, ability to work with others, flexibility, reliability, integrity and competence.  
    • Employer/supervisor references preferred if not currently a student 
    • Educator references should be for coursework completed in the most recent year of education  

*Bachelor’s completion program is any regionally accredited institution which permits completion of NAACLS (National Accreditation Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences) accredited MLS program as remaining part of degree completion. If uncertain of program status, discuss with the program director before applying.

Essential functions

In accordance with Section 304 of the 1973 Vocational Rehabilitation Act, the Geisinger School of Medical Laboratory Science has adopted the following minimal technical standards. Applicants to the Geisinger School of Medical Laboratory Science must possess the following abilities or can perform required essential practices with or without reasonable accommodation. The technical standards for the School of Medical Laboratory Science reflect typical professional attributes for general current practices and competencies within the profession as a generalist and may be assessed in both graded and non-graded assessments in the program.   

Cognitive abilities

Students must have sufficient cognitive abilities including intellectual-conceptual, integrative and quantitative abilities to acquire foundational scientific knowledge, evaluate, correlate, reason, interpret, analyze, integrate, calculate and synthesize information and data. They must be able to apply knowledge to calculations, analysis, evaluation, correlation, development, troubleshooting, problem-solving and interpretation.
Observational skills

Students must have the ability to observe with tactile, aural and visual senses, including color and depth differentiation, and at times, smell.
Communication skills

Students must be able to speak and write effectively in English with members of the healthcare team, other laboratory professionals and the public. 
Physical and motor function

Students must be able to: 

  • Stand and move safely in the laboratory environment 
  • Stand for extended periods of time and manipulate objects at and below shoulder height
  • Stoop and bend 
  • Safely handle potentially infectious blood, body fluids and other patient specimens in compliance with regulatory standards 
  • Use fine motor skills to safely and accurately manipulate needles and pipettes 
  • Use coordination and the psychosomatic and motor function to safely perform all core tasks required of a medical laboratory scientist
Behavioral and social attributes

Students must be able to: 

  • Work and learn independently and cooperatively and exercise good judgment 
  • Develop effective relationships with faculty, staff, students and other members of the healthcare team 
  • Address concerns honestly, openly and readily through appropriate channels, contributing to a just and inclusive culture
Emotional stability

Students must: 

  • Have the emotional stability and resilience to adjust to the stresses and rigor of the educational program 
  • Adjust to rapid changes in expectation and assignment due to essential need 
  • Respond quickly and ably to emergency and critical situations 
  • Interact with and respond professionally to people who lack emotional control 
  • Maintain care for safe practices for themselves and others in stressful situations  
Ethics and professionalism

Students must maintain confidentiality of patient and enterprise information. Students must use safe and ethical practices for physical and intellectual documents and property.

Additional admission requirements

Criminal and child abuse background clearance

In compliance with Geisinger policy, students in Geisinger educational programs are required to adhere to mandated criminal and child abuse background clearance requirements. Admitted students will be given instructions for obtaining state and federal fingerprint background checks and PATCH clearances at their own expense before the program starts. Applicants are required to read the policy. Failure to abide by the policy or meet the clearance requirement will result in the offer of admission being rescinded.  
Drug-free workplace policy

In compliance with Geisinger policy, students in Geisinger educational programs are required to adhere to the Geisinger drug-free workplace policy and complete a urine drug screen test. Applicants are required to read the policy. Failing to abide by the policy or a positive drug screen test for drugs of abuse will result in admission to the program being rescinded.
Liability insurance

Students in Geisinger educational programs are expected to carry liability insurance with minimum coverage amounts of no less than $1 million per occurrence and $3 million in aggregate liability. 

Students enrolled in 3+1 programs with affiliated institutions should check with their advisor to determine if coverage is available.  

Other students are encouraged to shop for coverage that meets the minimums required through private insurance agencies. Proof of coverage is required during student pre-enrollment onboarding.  

Tobacco-free policy

In compliance with Geisinger policy, students in Geisinger programs are required to meet and abide by Geisinger’s tobacco-free policy and pass a nicotine screening test. Applicants are required to read the policy. Offers of admission will be rescinded if students do not comply with or pass the nicotine screening test.  
Vaccination policy

In compliance with Geisinger policy, students in Geisinger programs are required to meet and abide by Geisinger’s current vaccination and immunization policy including completion of a health immunization review. Applicants are required to read the policy. Offers of admission will be rescinded if students fail to comply with the policy requirements.

Questions about policies? Contact


Tuition and fees 


The 2024 tuition for the Geisinger School of Medical Laboratory Science is $15,000, payable in two installments. The first half payment is $7,500, due Jan. 1. The second of $7,500 is due Aug. 1. Students waiting on a student loan reimbursement from an affiliated institution can contact the program director to work out a payment plan.  


There’s no application fee for the 2024 program year. Students who are offered admission must pay a non-refundable deposit of $150 applied to the first semester’s tuition.  

The BOC certification exam fee is projected at $260 for the class of 2024 graduates, and is payable directly to the ASCP Board of Certification.


Students whose offer of admission is rescinded or who choose not to start the program are refunded any tuition paid except the non-refundable deposit. Students who are dismissed from the program or who chose to leave the program prior to the second semester will be refunded any prepayment of the second half ($7,500) of tuition. First half of tuition cannot be refunded to students who choose to leave the program after the start date.  

Ready to apply?

Complete the application for the class of 2024 by Sept. 1. Note: The form must be completed in a single session.