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The program’s mission is to utilize effective educational processes, adult learning techniques, and instructional design strategies to provide an educational environment, academic and clinical, which stimulates and facilitates students learning the art and science of radiography and mastering psychomotor skills necessary in the art of medical imaging so that graduates of the school are competent radiographers, skilled communicators and problem solvers, and individuals who value and seek professional growth.

Goal statements

1. Students will be clinically competent:

  • Students will demonstrate radiographic positioning skills.
  • Students will demonstrate radiographic technical factors applied to radiographic procedures.
  • Students will demonstrate radiation safety practices.

2. Students will be able to effectively communicate:

  • Students will communicate effectively with patients.
  • Students will communicate effectively with health care professionals.

3. Students will demonstrate use of appropriate critical thinking skills:

  • Students will demonstrate ability to adjust procedures in accordance with patient variables.
  • Students will demonstrate ability to make critical image evaluation judgments.

4. Students will display professional behavior:

  • Students will demonstrate professional behavior.