Addiction treatment for healthcare professionals

Individuals struggling with addiction who are also working in a healthcare profession face a unique set of challenges in recovery. To address this, Marworth's Healthcare Professionals Treatment Program offers doctors, pharmacists, dentists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses and others working in a healthcare role treatment for abusing drugs or alcohol.

Healthcare professionals with an addiction contend with the following obstacles:

  • High stress work environment
  • Access to pharmaceuticals
  • Exposure to trauma
  • Focus on taking care of others, but not yourself
  • High profile status in profession and community
  • Licensing concerns
  • Back to work implications
  • Confidentiality concerns

Enhanced services
In addition to the traditional 12-Step Inpatient Program for addiction recovery, we blend the following components into the healthcare professionals treatment program:

  • Intensive group therapy with other healthcare professionals
  • Re-entry planning for the transition back to work, family and community
  • Network of recovering healthcare professionals who serve as contacts and assist our professional staff as 12-Step program support members
  • Stress management training
  • Trauma groups
  • Dual-diagnosis education/treatment
  • Relapse prevention groups designed for healthcare professionals
  • Weekly Caduceus meetings (12-step meetings for physicians)
  • Strong collaboration with state medical societies

Marworth's enhanced program for chemically-dependent healthcare professionals builds the framework for doctors, pharmacists, dentists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses and others to return to a functional life while remaining abstinent from alcohol and drugs.

Call Marworth at 800-442-7722 to speak with an admissions counselor. You can enroll in an addiction rehab program yourself or refer someone else for treatment. Many individuals are referred to Marworth by a family member, family doctor, therapist, employer, employee assistance program, insurance provider, clergy, community organization, or another drug and alcohol rehab center.