Meet the MyCode leadership team

David Ledbetter, PhD

David H. Ledbetter, PhD, is executive vice president and Geisinger's first full-time chief scientific officer. A geneticist with an interest in the pediatric neurodevelopmental disorders, Dr. Ledbetter guides research priorities across Geisinger’s clinical and research centers and institutes.

Marc Williams, MD

Marc S. Williams, MD, is a professor and director of Geisinger’s Genomic Medicine Institute. His academic focus is on the impact of implementing genetics, genomics and family history in routine clinical care, including technology assessment, modeling and decision analysis, the science of behavioral change, quality improvement, knowledge management, informatics, healthcare economics and patient-centered outcomes.

Christa Lese Martin, PhD

Christa Lese Martin, PhD, is a professor and director of the Autism & Developmental Medicine Institute. She focuses on the identification and characterization of genomic variation in individuals with neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric disabilities, including autism. She brings her expertise in the clinical interpretation of genomic variants to the MyCode® project.

David J. Carey, PhD

David J. Carey, PhD, professor and acting chair for the Department of Molecular and Functional Genomics, has broad experience in translational research, ranging from laboratory-based animal/cellular models to studies of human patients, with a focus on molecular and genetic factors of human disease. He has been the principal investigator (PI) of multiple NIH grants over more than 30 years. He is co-PI of the MyCode project and one of the scientific leads for Geisinger’s collaboration to perform exome sequencing of DNA samples from MyCode patients.

William Andrew (Andy) Faucett, LGC

William Andrew (Andy) Faucett, LGC, is a professor in genomic medicine and directs community engagement and public education for the MyCode Community Health Initiative. His work focuses on the return of medically actionable genetic research results, oversight of genetic testing, ethical and consent issues for genetic research, genetic counseling service delivery models and patient registries.

Amy Curry Sturm, LGC

Amy Curry Sturm, LGC, is a professor in the Genomic Medicine Institute, director of cardiovascular genomic counseling and co-leader of the MyCode Community Health Initiative’s return-of-results program. Her research interests include cardiovascular genetics and genetic counseling; the development, implementation and outcomes testing of novel genomic counseling delivery models; and cascade screening efforts. She is the 2018 president-elect of the National Society of Genetic Counselors.

Adam H. Buchanan, CGC

Adam H. Buchanan, CGC, is an assistant professor in the Genomic Medicine Institute and co-leads the MyCode Community Health Initiative’s return-of-results program. His primary research interests are in genomic medicine, access to care, clinical decision support in primary care and clinical outcomes of genetic counseling. He is a member of the American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC), scheduled to serve as ABGC president in 2020.