Pediatric dentistry

Tooth decay affects more children in the United States than any other chronic condition. Fortunately, children can avoid the cavities, pain and infection that come with tooth decay by practicing good dental hygiene and getting regular dental checkups.

From routine preventive care to orthodontics and oral surgery, our dental professionals provide children with the services they need in a friendly and comfortable environment.

What you should know about pediatric dentistry

  • Regular teeth cleanings and checkups are critical to a child's oral health. Age-appropriate treatments may include:
    • Sealants, which act as a barrier to prevent cavities
    • Fluoride to strengthen teeth
    • Orthodontic consultation, if necessary
  • Some children lose their baby teeth too early and may require a device called a space maintainer to keep the space open until the permanent tooth comes in. Space maintainers prevent crowding in the mouth and help keep the permanent tooth from growing in the wrong place.
  • Orthodontics is a specialty dedicated to the alignment and function of teeth. Children and adults of all ages can benefit from the latest techniques and aesthetic treatment choices.

Why choose Geisinger for pediatric dentistry?

  • We believe in creating a friendly, comfortable environment for our youngest patients. By answering questions, listening to concerns and explaining procedures, we help them overcome their fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist.
  • If your child experiences a traumatic injury affecting the teeth or requiring dental surgery, our pediatric dental specialists are available 24/7. We will assess your child's condition and develop a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan.

Treats these conditions

Good dental care is important for every child’s health — now and in the future. We offer experienced dental services for:

  • Tooth decay and infection
  • Traumatic injury
  • Crooked teeth, overbites and spacing between teeth
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders

Specialties and institutes

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  • Janet Weis Children’s Hospital

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