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Head and neck surgery

Head and neck surgery is used to treat benign and cancerous head and neck tumors as well as other conditions of the mouth, head, throat, glands and sinuses. Head and neck surgery may also include reconstructive surgery.

Head or neck cancer surgery may be combined with radiation therapy and chemotherapy as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

What you should know about head and neck surgery

  • Recent advances in head and neck surgery include laser surgery procedures that are less painful and less invasive than traditional surgery.

Why choose Geisinger for your head and neck surgery?

  • As home to three of only a handful of fellowship-trained neurosurgical oncologists in Pennsylvania, we are at the forefront of diagnosing and treating the most complex spine, nerve and brain tumors.
  • Customized treatment plans are developed for each patient by a team that includes radiation oncology, medical oncology, pathology, oral surgery and dentistry.
  • Our surgeons perform complex skull base surgical procedures to treat acoustic and glomus tumors and skull base cancers.
  • Our team includes skull base surgeons, neurosurgeons, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons, and ear, nose and throat doctors.

Get head and neck surgery care

Treats these conditions

For conditions of the head or neck that require surgery, look no further than Geisinger for world-class and compassionate care. We treat:

  • Brain tumors
  • Neck cancer
  • Benign conditions of the head and neck
  • Cancer of the mouth and neck
  • Thyroid cancer

Specialties and institutes

Connect with other specialties at Geisinger to learn more about these treatments.

  • Geisinger Cancer Institute
  • Brain and Spine Tumor Institute

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