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Sinus and allergy

Sinus disease (sinusitis) is sinus inflammation caused by allergies or infections that can in most cases be treated with antibiotics, but for persistent issues, further diagnosis and treatment option are available.

Allergies are often related to both chronic sinusitis and seasonal sinusitis. Common causes of allergies include pollen, dust mites, animal dander, mold, insect stings and food, with those conditions often able to be controlled with medications.

What you should know about sinus and allergy

  • Sinusitis can be mistaken for a cold since many symptoms are the same. But sinusitis often requires treatment with antibiotics.
  • Sinusitis symptoms can include post-nasal drip, headaches, congestion, discolored nasal discharge, coughing and fever.
  • Allergies can cause or intensify sinus issues. Nasal and sinus passages can become swollen and inflamed as they try to flush out allergens.
  • If standard antibiotic treatment is not working, a CT scan of the sinuses may indicate the problem is due to an abnormality. In some cases, surgery may be the most effective solution.

Why choose Geisinger for your sinus and allergy issues?

  • Our ear, nose and throat specialists provide comprehensive treatment of sinus and allergy issues, including the newest techniques for endoscopic sinus surgery, as well as traditional open surgical sinus procedures.

Treatment options

If you suffer from allergy and sinus conditions we can help.

  • Antibiotics
  • Decongestants and antihistamines
  • Topical corticosteroids
  • Surgery

Specialties and institutes

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