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Robotic surgery

Robotic surgery allows us to safely perform surgery in hard-to-reach areas. Instead of large incisions, we need just a few centimeters to insert our instruments. Special technology, including 3-D video monitoring, helps us carry out procedures with a high degree of precision.

Robotic surgery systems include “arms” that hold a camera and special surgical tools. Your surgeon controls the tools and camera from a computer console. Performing surgery in this way allows a wider range of motion than the human hand offers.

What you should know about robotic surgery

  • We perform robotic surgery through smaller incisions than traditional open surgery.
  • Our surgeons use a computer to control small instruments. These instruments help us access the surgical area without damaging surrounding tissue.

Why choose Geisinger for your robotic surgery?

  • Specialized care: We hold extensive experience using robotic surgery for complex procedures. Our surgeons regularly remove colorectal tumors while preserving normal bowel function. We can also perform gallbladder removal surgery using a single incision. Find out more about colorectal surgery and general surgery.
  • Precision: Our robotic surgery system offers high-definition, 3-D video capabilities. Viewing the surgical area in this way helps us achieve a level of precision that is not available through other surgical techniques. As a result, you can expect less pain after surgery, fewer complications and a potentially shorter hospital stay.
  • State-of-the-art facilities: You receive care in newly renovated surgical suites that offer the best available robotic surgery technology. People who have surgery at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville recover in our Hospital for Advanced Medicine (HfAM). Rooms there include all the monitors and equipment needed to take care of you while you recover. In the rare event you experience a complication, our specialists come to where you are so you do not need to go to another part of the hospital for care.

Treats these conditions

Robotic surgery is an advanced surgical technique that we use to treat a broad range of conditions, with a high degree of precision.

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