Weight loss support

At our Center for Nutrition and Weight Management, our staff of physicians, physician assistants, certified registered nurse practitioners and registered dieticians specialize in weight loss to create a plan designed specifically for each patient.

What you should know about weight loss support 

  • Weight loss is not just diet and exercise. It begins with getting very specific about the wellness and fitness goals needed to achieve success.
  • Weight loss support can involve our Optifast® Program meal plans, which are medically supervised full or partial liquid diet plans.

Why choose Geisinger for your weight loss support?

  • Exercise and behavioral health specialists create effective and personalized goals and plans.
  • We’re committed to working closely with each patient to provide the support needed to lose weight—and then maintain the healthier weight.

Treats these conditions

Our weight loss support program helps patients address:

Specialties and institutes

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  • Weight management
  • Clinical nutrition

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