Hip pain

Your hips provide stability when you walk and allow you to stay active. At Geisinger, we see people of all ages with hip pain. Their symptoms, including clicking in the hips, are often caused by activity, injuries or trauma. Arthritis, joint disease and osteoporosis can also lead to hip pain.

If you are having hip problems or pain, we have several ways we can help.

What you should know about hip pain:

  • Older people are more likely to suffer a fall, which puts them at risk for fracturing a hip. A hip fracture, or break, causes sudden pain. You should seek treatment immediately if you have a fracture or cannot put any weight on your leg.
  • Active people who suspect their hip pain is related to overuse might try:
    • Switching to low impact activity for a while (such as swimming instead of running)
    • Running on a surface softer than roads and sidewalks, such as gravel or a track
    • Stretching quadriceps and hamstrings as part of your fitness routine
    • Examining your running shoes to ensure they fit well and provide cushion and support

Why choose Geisinger to treat your hip pain?

  • Comprehensive treatments: From non-invasive treatments, such as ultrasound to orthopaedic surgery, we offer a number of ways to relieve hip pain. We are also a leader in hip replacement. This surgery is part of ProvenCare, an innovative program that standardizes quality care and guarantees the best outcomes possible.
  • Dedicated to hip preservation: Our Hip Preservation Clinic helps active people who are 35 or younger. Our program is unique in the region and works with you to delay the need for hip replacement.
  • Leader in geriatric hip fractures: We are one of only a handful of programs in the country with a Geriatric Care Fracture Program certified by the International Geriatric Fracture Society. This designation means we provide the highest quality care, with a focus on improving patient outcomes. Our fracture program is also part of ProvenCare.

Treatment options

We have successfully treated all types of hip pain, through procedures and programs such as:

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