Knee pain

Your knees are responsible for carrying a lot of weight, which means that knee pain is one of the most common types of orthopaedic pain we see at Geisinger. Arthritis, joint disease, worn cartilage, tendon and ligament tears, and other conditions can all cause severe knee pain.

Knee pain and knee injuries can affect people of all ages and activity levels. We have dedicated knee specialists and a wide variety of minimally invasive and surgical treatments to help relieve knee pain.

What you should know about knee pain:

  • One risk factor for knee pain is being overweight, because it can strain your knees. Overuse is also a leading cause of knee pain and injury. People with a history of arthritis may also be at risk for knee pain.
  • Common knee injuries include:
    • Knee cap fracture
    • Iliotibial band (IT band) syndrome, pain outside your kneecap which may run up to your hip
    • Runner’s knee, or pain in the front of your knee
    • Sprain or strain
    • Torn ligament
    • Torn cartilage

Why choose Geisinger for your knee pain care?

  • Leader in knee replacement: We offer both total knee replacement and partial knee replacement. We also perform bilateral knee replacement, which means having both knee joints replaced at once. Our knee replacement surgeries are part of ProvenCare, Geisinger’s program that standardizes quality care. We also focus on helping people prepare and recover from knee replacement surgery.
  • Destination for multiligament knee reconstruction: We are a leader in multiligament reconstruction. This complex surgery rebuilds the ligaments of the knee, often using a tissue graft from another part of the body. People with severe knee ligament damage seek us out for this specialized surgery.
  • Focus on athletes and wellness: Knee pain can quickly sideline athletes. That is why we try to get ahead of the pain, and treat it sooner rather than later. Through our dedicated sports medicine program, we are able to help keep athletes in the game.

Treatment options

Our team of orthopaedists specializes in helping people manage knee pain, with a full range of treatments:

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