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Fight cancer and protect your quality of life


Cancer means that abnormal cells have grown out of control. It can form nearly anywhere in the body and cause symptoms that can affect both your daily routine and your passions. We offer specialized care, including screenings, treatments and support, to help you fight cancer and protect your quality of life.

At Geisinger, we provide all the latest cancer treatments, including radiation therapy that accurately targets and destroys tumors. We also offer comprehensive screenings to detect cancer in its earliest stages, when it’s easier to treat.

Why choose Geisinger for your cancer care?

  • Safety: If you need radiation therapy, our dedicated radiation physicists meticulously plan your treatment. These specialists make sure you receive the right dose of radiation to meet your unique needs and that our machines accurately target the tumor. Learn more about radiation therapy.
  • Specialized care: Our team includes cancer doctors (oncologists), surgeons and radiation therapists. Many of our doctors have undergone additional training (fellowships) in treating specific types of cancer. These specialized skills help us deliver care tailored to meet your medical needs. Find a provider.
  • Focus on quality of life: Precision treatments at Geisinger help you avoid complications that could get in the way of your busy lifestyle. For colorectal cancer, we use sophisticated surgical techniques, such as robotic surgery, to preserve bowel function. Find out more about cancer treatment.
  • Innovative treatments: Clinical trials at Geisinger give you access to new treatments that are not widely available. We are often among the first programs in the region offering new cancer-fighting drugs and surgical techniques. These treatments may help you feel better even when standard treatments aren’t working. Learn more about cancer clinical trials.
  • To learn more about cancer services at Geisinger, click here see our annual report.

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