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Joint replacement

Joint replacement is surgery to replace your worn out or diseased joint with a new, artificial one. We can replace your entire joint, or part of your joint. While we most commonly replace knees and hips, we can also provide you with a new shoulder, ankle or elbow.

When your joint wears out, it causes pain and limits mobility. Joint replacement is typically meant for people who have tried other treatments without success. Replacement can restore mobility and relieve pain, allowing you to return to the things you love.

What you should know about joint replacement:

  • Diseases like arthritis are a major cause of joint pain. Injuries from trauma (such as a car accident) or overuse (from sports or other activity) can also cause joint problems. Joint replacement relieves these issues.
  • Artificial joints are made of plastic, metal or ceramic parts. The joints last 10 to 15 years. That means you may need a joint replaced more than once.

Why choose Geisinger for joint replacement surgery?

  • Exclusive care: Geisinger combines the latest innovations with surgical expertise to deliver life-changing solutions in joint care. Geisinger is the first and only healthcare provider in northeast and central Pennsylvania to offer the Mako™ robotic-arm–assisted surgery for partial knee, total knee and total hip replacement surgery.
    • Successful joint surgery is largely based on correct joint sizing and placement. With Mako™ robotic-arm–assisted surgery, patients benefit from more accurate implant sizing and placement, allowing for increased joint longevity.
    • With a more precise surgery, patients need fewer joint surgeries in their lifetime, creating the opportunity for younger patients to choose this life-changing option.
    • For more information about Mako™ robotic-arm–assisted surgery and to learn if it can work for you, click here.
    • At Geisinger, you are our top priority. That’s why we offer programs such as our lifetime hip and lifetime knee replacements—exclusive care that’s only available at Geisinger—to help you live your best life. This guarantee, the first of its kind in the world, offers a lifetime warranty on hip and knee replacement surgeries
  • Specialized orthopaedic care: We perform a high number of orthopaedic surgeries, including joint replacement. Trust our experience to help you get back to an active, pain-free life.
  • Joint replacement excellence: Our knee replacement and hip replacement surgeries are both backed by ProvenCare. This innovative program standardizes quality care and makes us a sought-out destination for joint replacement surgery.
  • Focus on patient education: People who are well-informed and prepared for surgery tend to have the best outcomes. We work with you to help you know what to expect from surgery, and how you can aid your recovery.

Treats these conditions

Joint replacement surgery can help you regain movement if you are struggling with:

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