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Shoulder and elbow pain

Shoulder and elbow pain can limit your everyday activities and make it difficult to do the things you enjoy. Our specialists can reduce or eliminate your pain and help you regain mobility.

Overuse injuries are a common cause of shoulder and elbow pain among athletes and active people. We have several ways to prevent and treat these kinds of injuries.

What you should know about shoulder and elbow pain:

  • Common reasons people experience pain in the shoulder or elbow include fractures, tendon tears, arthritis, bursitis and instability in the joint.
  • Our orthopaedic specialists treat many shoulder and elbow conditions:
    • Arthritis and bursitis
    • Dislocations and separations
    • Elbow clicking
    • Sprains, dislocations and fractures
    • Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow
    • Worn or torn cartilage and tendons

Why choose Geisinger to treat your shoulder and elbow pain?

  • Specialized surgical care: We offer a range of shoulder and elbow surgeries to help you regain mobility, including joint replacement. We specialize in performing reverse total shoulder replacement, an alternative to standard replacement for people with large rotator cuff tears. The reverse option switches the “ball” and “cup” parts of the joint replacement, for better pain relief and range of motion.
  • Comprehensive treatments: We can treat a wide range of shoulder and elbow conditions with minimally invasive orthopaedic surgery. We also offer non-invasive techniques that avoid surgery.
  • Focus on throwing injuries: Through our sports medicine program, we work with athletes to prevent throwing injuries. These injuries are common among pitchers and quarterbacks. If you are diagnosed and treated early, you can likely avoid surgery. If you do require surgery, our surgeons offer the latest minimally invasive options.

Treatment options

Our goal is to help you regain shoulder and elbow mobility and minimize pain. We offer:

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