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Pediatric sedation services

Children often need medication to make them comfortable and relaxed so doctors can provide proper diagnosis and treatment. Pediatric sedation specialists use special medications, properly dosed for young patients, to keep your child comfortable and safe during procedures.

What you should know about pediatric sedation services:

  • Pediatric sedation doctors are pediatric critical care physicians and pediatric hospitalist physicians who have been credentialed to provide Pediatric Procedural Sedation. 
  • Procedural sedation can be used in children of all ages to help: 
    • Obtain higher quality images during diagnosis 
    • Get more accurate test results 
    • Control pain related to a procedure 


Why choose Geisinger for pediatric sedation services?

  • Skilled and caring providers: Geisinger’s highly trained pediatric sedation doctors handle more than 1,000 procedures each year. This high volume results in excellent outcomes for children. Our specialists reduce the pain that procedures can cause, as well as the occurrence of nausea and vomiting that sometimes accompany the medications we use.  
  • Sedation program: Whether numbing the skin for an injection or inducing drowsiness before tests or procedures, we strive to promote comfort and healing:  
    • Our sedation team includes pediatric critical care doctors, pediatric hospitalists and skilled intensive care nurses.  
    • Whenever possible, we use sedation to help children cope with diagnostic tests and procedures lasting less than 3 hours. 
    • We perform sedation in a room designed with children in mind. If needed, we can also provide it in other locations such as imaging suites. 

Treatment options

Our specialists take time to explain procedures and answer questions. They ease the stress and anxiety associated with diagnosis and treatment

  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Diagnostic services
  • Minimally invasive procedures

Specialties and institutes

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