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Vascular surgery

Vascular surgery treats various problems with blood vessels outside the heart. Geisinger vascular surgeons frequently treat conditions such as aortic aneurysm, peripheral artery disease, deep vein thrombosis and varicose veins. 

We use both minimally invasive, endovascular techniques and traditional surgery to treat a wide variety of vascular diseases.

What you should know about vascular surgery:

  • Risks of vascular surgery include bleeding and infection. Your risk increases with age, but we do our best to manage it. Your surgeon will review the risks and benefits of any potential surgery, including less invasive options that may be available.
  • We may be able to treat conditions such as aortic aneurysm with endovascular surgery. These procedures are less invasive, requiring only small incisions and offering a faster recovery. 

Why choose Geisinger for your vascular surgery? 

  • Experienced vascular surgeons: All Geisinger vascular surgeons are board-certified and fellowship-trained. Those credentials mean they have passed a rigorous certification exam and have advanced training in their particular specialty.
  • High-tech endovascular suites: Our endovascular suites are hybrid treatment rooms. That arrangement means you can have multiple procedures done in combination, including diagnostic tests, angioplasty and surgery. You only need to undergo anesthesia one time, with less stress and a faster recovery. 
  • Team approach to care: Our cardiologists, vascular disease specialists, and heart and vascular surgeons all communicate and consult with each other, giving you the best care possible. 

Get care with vascular surgery 

For a referral to a caring Geisinger vascular surgeon, call 800-275-6401.

Treats these conditions

We have many types of vascular surgery we can perform to help you manage certain conditions:

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