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Geisinger in Motion

Technology to enable superior patient care "on the go"

Geisinger in Motion promotes the effective use of technology to initiate patient and provider engagement across a distributed healthcare delivery network. We work collaboratively with Geisinger programs and clinical departments, to promote a unified communication strategy that crosses several areas:

  • Mobilize the Geisinger workforce beyond fixed workstations and single purpose hardware
  • Improve and unify communication between the healthcare team and the patients the team seeks to treat
  • Extend Geisinger healthcare services beyond brick and mortar facilities to "smart" hospital and clinic environments

As evidenced by our regular appearance on Hospitals & Health Networks' and HealthCare's Most Wired award, Geisinger is prominently positioned to transform traditional healthcare to take advantage of "on the go" technology. Whether it is smartphones, interoperability to promote data sharing or medical remote monitoring, Geisinger in Motion is committed to making care convenient to both patients and providers. Geisinger in Motion produces the latest healthcare solutions to enhance the patient and provider experience.


Under the Hood:

What makes Geisinger in Motion cool?

Challenge: The challenge is to engage patients and providers in ways that provide the highest value and have the best impact for the patient, while also granting mobility and agility to the workforce and clinical workflows.


  • MyGeisinger Patient Portal - The foundation of Geisinger’s patient technology is our patient portal, MyGeisinger. MyGeisinger allows Geisinger patients to view their chart, talk to their doctor and better manage their healthcare. Established in 2001, MyGeisinger has over 350,000 patients who better manage their healthcare through access to their providers' notes through OpenNotes®, test results and hospital stay information. They can easily communicate with their provider through secure messaging and schedule appointments online. The MyChart app allows patients to access the portal from a smart device.
  • Patient Mobile Technology - Geisinger in Motion works to apply technology to provide patients with the tools they need to manage their care anywhere anytime. Solutions are available on both Geisinger-provided devices and "bring your own device" models to allow for maximum distribution and are built under the core principles of ensuring the security of patient data. Usability is based on user preferences and facilitating effective care communications. Patient mobile solutions include:
  • iPads during some hospital stays to keep patients engaged, informed, connected and entertained throughout the care process.
  • Text messages to improve health such as appointment reminders, weight management and diabetes management
  • Mobile apps such as prescription refills (iRefill) and colonoscopy prep (Easy Prep: Colonoscopy). Patients can also provide feedback on their experience through the ProvenExperience™ mobile app.
  • eBooks, created for patients to access trustworthy education about their condition on their mobile devices, and iTunes University courses that provide a full mobile patient engagement solution covering topics like lumbar spine surgery.
  • Clinician smart device program - Geisinger's clinical teams are always on the go, whether that is moving to the next patient in the hospital, or receiving an urgent call at home. The smartphone program gives them access to the electronic health record and secure texting so care decisions and patient and caregiver communications do not have to wait until a return to their office. Untethering the care team from stationary devices to adapt to our ever-changing mobile lifestyles ensures care can be delivered when it is needed, whether as part of a consultation needed during a surgery or to ensure timely discharge by a clinical care team.
  • GeisingerConnect - This provider portal allows non-Geisinger providers to have visibility into their patients’ treatment while at Geisinger, ensuring continuity of care. More than 700 provider practices and 5,000 users have access to this patient care tool.