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GeisingerConnect access patient info

Gain access to the following information and services:

  • Patient list for Geisinger patients where you or your partners are
  • Patient information available from your patient list
  • Request Geisinger specialty appointments online
  • EMRlink, a web application to view patient information stored in Geisinger's electronic medical record (EMR)
  • Ability to update your preferences and sign-up for Admit & Discharge email alerts
  • Have a patient complete a Universal Authorization form

Universal Authorization

Universal Authorization

Geisinger takes steps to limit the sharing of certain sensitive information without your consent. This includes inpatient psychiatric records, substance use disorder records, and information regarding your HIV/AIDs status. If you have received these services, sharing this information is vital to coordinating your care.

If you want to share this sensitive information in accordance with HIPAA, we ask that you sign a Universal Authorization. A Universal Authorization may be revoked at any time. 

Scheduling and EMR access at your fingertips