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Hospital reimbursement rate

Hospital pricing
The price you pay for a healthcare service depends on your health coverage. To assist you with gaining a better understanding of what your health plan may pay for services, Geisinger is providing the average Medicare reimbursement for each facility.

How is the Medicare reimbursement rate determined?
Hospitals are typically paid a set fee for treating all patients in a similar clinical conditions group, regardless of the actual cost for that case. Each of these groups is assigned a weight which is used to adjust for the fact that different types of patients consume different resources and have different costs (groups of patients who are expected to require above average resources have a higher weight than those who require fewer resources).

CMS updates weights annually to reflect changes in medical practice patterns, use of hospital resources, diagnostic and procedural definitions and assignment criteria.

Rate Finder

Please note that this tool provides estimated Medicare reimbursement rates. The price you pay for a healthcare service depends on your healthcare coverage.