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Key terms

Cost - varies by the party incurring the expense.
Charge - is the dollar amount a provider sets for services rendered before negotiating any discounts.
Price - is the total amount a provider expects to be paid by payers and patients for healthcare service.

Before you come to Geisinger you can use MyEstimate® to know the approximate amount you might owe after insurance. For an estimate, choose any of the following options:

1. Use our online estimator for the most frequently performed services:

2. Use the toll-free number below and ask for MyEstimate. You will need your insurance card, type of procedure you are considering and the name of the Geisinger location where the procedure will be performed. The written or verbal estimate will be sent or provided within two business days:

  • Call 800-640-4206

3. Or, using the form linked below, you can request an estimate of charges and out of pocket expense for your medical procedure:

Contact CareLink at 800-275-6401 to:

  • Find out if your insurance requires a referral or preauthorization
  • Request a referral from your Geisinger primary care provider