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Alanna Kulchack Rahm

Associate Professor

Weis Center for Research
100 N Academy Ave
Danville, PA 17822

Phone: 570-214-5093

Alanna Kulchak Rahm, PhD, MS, CGC

Research Interests

As a board-certified genetic counselor with a Doctorate in Health and Behavioral Science and an implementation scientist, I am a passionate advocate and mentor for the integration of implementation science in genomics and precision health. I have conducted single- and multi-site studies in integrated healthcare systems since 2002; with extensive use of implementation science, qualitative, and mixed-methods approaches. At Geisinger, I lead efforts on the implementation of precision health and genomics programs within healthcare systems. I am the Principal Investigator of the Moonshot-funded project on Implementing Universal Lynch Syndrome Screening Across Multiple Healthcare Systems as well as other NCI and pcori-funded projects. I have spent my research career in integrated health systems where and am committed to fostering and building learning health system environments to support the continuous collaboration of research and practice. I am the co-founder and co-director of the Dissemination and Implementation Community (DISCO) at Geisinger. I am a board member for the Lynch Syndrome Screening Network and have served as a faculty mentor for the NCI Training in Dissemination and Implementation in Cancer (TIDIRC). I contribute nationally to the implementation of genomics and am a dedicated mentor of genetic counselors, medical students, faculty, and clinicians.

Recent Publications


  • DiNucci, A.; Henrikson, N.B.; Jonas, M.C.; Basra, S.; Blasi, P.; Brown, J.; Esplin, E.D.; Hassen, D.; Hao, J.; Hu, Y.; Klinger, T.; Ladd, I.; Leppig, K.; Lewis, M.; Meyer, M.; Ney, S.; Ramaprasad, A.; Romagnoli, K.; Salvati, Z.; Scrol, A.; Schwiter, R.; Sheridan, L.; Somasundaram, B.; Suwannarat, P.; Wagner, J.K.; Rahm, A.K. Feasibility and Assessment of a Cascade Traceback Screening Program (FACTS): Protocol for a Multisite Study to Implement and Assess an Ovarian Cancer Traceback Cascade Testing Program. J. Pers. Med. 2021, 11, 543. 
  • Rahm AK, Ladd IG, Burnet-Hartman A, Liang S, Pawloski P, Lowery J, Sharaf R, Lu C, Epstein M, Hunter JE. The Healthcare System Research Network (HCSRN) as a unique environment for Dissemination and Implementation Research: A Case Study of a Multi-Site Research study in Precision Medicine. eGEMS (2019) 7(1), 16. Special Issue HCSRN 
  • Rahm AK, Ladd IG, Hunter JE, Burnet-Hartman A, Liang S, Pawloski P, Lowery J, Sharaf R, Gogoi R, Hao J, Snyder S, Cragun D, Lu C, Epstein M, Williams MS. Implementing Universal Lynch Syndrome screening (IMPULSS): protocol for a multi-site study to identify strategies to implement, adapt, and sustain genomic medicine programs in different organizational contexts. (2018) BMC Health Serv Res. 18(1):824. PMID: 30376847. PMCID: PMC6208012
  • Kulchak Rahm A, Walton NA, Feldman LK, Jenkins C, Jenkins T, Person TN, Peterson J, Reynolds JC, Robinson PN, Woltz MA, Williams MS, Segal MM. User testing of a diagnostic decision support system with machine-assisted chart review to facilitate clinical genomic diagnosis. BMJ Health Care Inform. 2021 May;28(1). doi: 10.1136/bmjhci-2021-100331. PubMed PMID: 33962988
  • Rahm AK, Bellcross C, Cragun D, Duquette D, Hampel H, Heald B. Implementing Universal Cancer Screening programs can help sustain genomic medicine programs. Precision Medicine. 2020 17(1), 9-13. PMID:31797715.
  • Rahm AK. Alternate delivery models for genetic counseling: clinical and implementation considerations. Can J Urology. 2019; 26(suppl 2): 42-3. PMID:31629429.


PhD Health and Behavioral Science - University of Colorado, Denver - 2010
MS Genetic Counseling - University of Colorado Health Sciences Center - 1997
BS Microbiology and Biochemistry - Colorado State University -1990