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As more and more physicians and researchers leverage the power of Geisinger’s vast data storehouses, the organization is seeing an explosion in new knowledge and clinical opportunity. Research studies exploring questions that range from medication adherence to the genetic relationships between two seemingly unrelated conditions are getting to the core of challenging medical issues and helping to advance patient care and outcomes.

Research across the Geisinger footprint is supported largely through external grant and contract research funding. Over the past 7 years, Geisinger has averaged a 14 percent annual growth rate in funding and an impressive total growth rate of almost 200 percent. “It takes a concerted effort over many years to grow external research funding,” notes David Ledbetter, PhD, chief scientific officer for Geisinger. “During this time, we recruited world-class research and clinical faculty to join the outstanding researchers/investigators who were already here and we subsequently accelerated acquisition of external and contract funding.”

This external funding complements the internal “seed” funding provided by Geisinger. Other highlights of 2016 include initial explorations of pharmacogenomic variants and the integration of The Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton, now known as the Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine (GCSOM).
Research grant funding on the rise