Miracle Kids

Every year, Children's Miracle Network at Geisinger selects "Miracle Kids" to share their stories of health, recovery and hope. These local children - from northeastern or central Pennsylvania or the southern tier of New York - were treated at Geisinger Janet Weis Children's Hospital with life-saving or life-improving care. We invite you to learn about their touching stories.

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Lincoln Brunn


Emma Shaffer


The Goodmans


Wayne Boone


Will Barrick


Kieran Clare


Christopher Palumbo

Christopher Palumbo, 16, of Waverly, NY, loves the medieval era. He has a collection of swords, and knights' helmets. He likes reading books set in the medieval era, like The Ranger's Apprentice. He also enjoys battling ogres, dragons and thieves in video games like Skyrim and League of Legends.


Carter Mattucci

Four-year-old Carter Mattucci is an attention-seeking, fun-loving, intelligent boy who will offer anyone a hug.


Angel Gillott

Anyone who knows Angel Gillott of Lock Haven would say she is a typical teenaged girl. She likes to shop, dance, sleep, and she loves shoes. She also likes to be the boss.