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Geisinger Careworks

Careworks urgent care clinics provide quick, convenient healthcare. Make an online reservation and skip the wait -- get in line before you leave home.
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If it isn’t serious enough to require an emergency room visit, but you can’t wait to see your physician, count on Geisinger Careworks.

We provide care when you need it most

Visit Geisinger Careworks for treatment for the following:

  • Cold/flu
  • Ear/throat/sinus infections
  • Insect bites
  • Lacerations
  • Minor burns/rashes
  • Poison ivy/oak/sumac
  • Ringworm
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Sprains/strains/fractures
  • Stomachaches
  • Upper respiratory infections


Geisinger Careworks is able to provide routine physicals, including:

  • Driver’s license – except commercial driver’s license (DOT) physicals
  • School, sports and camp
  • Pre-employment

Proof of immunizations is needed. Careworks does not offer well child or adult visits.

Careworks does not offer physicals:

  • for foster care
  • for elderly care
  • for insurance
  • that include attestations for mental health
  • for pre-surgery
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Routine immunizations

  • Flu shots:
    • Offered to patients 9 years and older* Careworks is not permitted to administer flu shots for children with Medical Assistance or certain CHIP insurance plans
    • Careworks does not offer flu vaccines for breastfeeding mothers
    • Careworks does not offer flu vaccines for pregnant women
    • Patients with egg allergies should receive their flu vaccine at their primary care physician’s office or other facility
  • Hepatitis B:  series of 3; only offered to adults*
  • Careworks offers the meningococcal vaccine*
  • Pneumonia:  offered to patients 65 and older and 18-65 year old clinically eligible patients
  • TDAP:  offered to patients 7 years and older but only when being seen for an injury or exposure

*For Medical Assistance patients with the plans listed below, we offer routine immunizations to patients 19 years of age and older (for TDAP, please see above).

Aetna Better Health
AmeriHealth Caritas Health Plan (aka AmeriHealth Mercy)
AmeriHealth Caritas Northeast
GHP Family

For Medical Assistance patients without the plans listed above, please go to your primary care provider for immunizations. Lab tests/screenings: Careworks only performs phlebotomy (lab draws) for labs ordered by Careworks providers.  Careworks does not serve as a laboratory “drop off” location. Careworks providers do not administer any medications (SQ, IM or IV). These include, but are not limited to, injections (immunotherapy, testosterone), or birth control shots (Depo-Provera) that are not ordered by a Careworks provider, unless in special circumstances and with the approval of the Operations Director.

We are unable to provide:

  • Treatment for work-related injuries or illnesses
  • Treatment for motor vehicle accidents
  • Intensive care, emergencies
  • Narcotic prescriptions
  • Careworks does not complete FMLA paperwork

Visit the nearest emergency department immediately for matters of life or death or for accidents and illness not treatable at your doctor’s office.

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