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Precision health for everyone

At Geisinger National, we believe population genomics is the next big step in healthcare. We’re on a mission to bring this information – and what we can learn from it – to patients today.

We're not waiting for others to tell us when it's time for precision health

At Geisinger, we know that the combination of our patients’ clinical data and genomics can push the boundaries of traditional scientific discovery and advance the current pace of translation to clinical care. Geisinger patients are already seeing the benefit of this alignment through the MyCode Community Health Initiative: more and more of our patients are receiving information about disease risk, and that number is growing every day. Our collaborators are finding new drug targets that will help our patients in the future. With these discoveries, it begs the questions: Can we do more? Can we expand our efforts to help more people?  Can we move faster? We can, and we will.

Medicine at its best happens when deeply committed healthcare practitioners strive every day to keep you healthy and enjoying the best possible life. To achieve this, they must combine a vast and growing amount of information – your past and current health, your lab values, your family history – with best medical practices informed by the latest breakthroughs and scientific discoveries.

On this quest to provide the most effective and appropriate healthcare for each patient, there have always been pioneers in pursuit of continued improvement in care. They push to incorporate the best new ideas into healthcare, even if they appear to be ahead of their time.

huntington willard
"Our goal is to sequence every single patient who comes through the door at Geisinger. Others will get there someday. Geisinger didn't want to wait for someday. Someday is today."

Huntington F. Willard
Geisinger National Precision Health

“When we find a DNA change that increases risk, our team of experts helps the patient, family, and their clinicians use this information to prevent disease or find it early. We have seen first-hand the power of this preventive information.”

Amy Sturm
Co-Director, Genomic Screening & Counseling Program

At Geisinger National, we believe that population genomics is the next big step in healthcare.

We’re on a mission to bring this information to patients today. 

Population genomics means sequencing all members of a community, not just patients with particular symptoms or those with a specific family history. By investing healthcare dollars in this type of healthy genetic screening, we can identify individuals at greater risk for certain cancers, heart conditions, and other diseases before serious symptoms arise. Using anticipatory medicine, patients and physicians can work together to develop a strategy to maintain each individual’s well-being. It’s healthcare – health care – instead of sick care, and it’s happening today. 

We are building a team of scientists and health professionals based in the Washington, DC area to bring population genomics to the front lines of healthcare today. Our team has expertise in genomics, data science, health economics, public health, and implementation science. Together, we will build the infrastructure needed to help us continue to learn about the ways in which genomics shape human health. Together, we will build the foundation of this work to demonstrate how population genomics can advance modern medicine. And we will engage patients and community members as our partners in their own healthcare. Not just someday, but today.