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What does genomics have to do with population health?

Precision health uses the most cutting-edge tools and approaches to optimize each patient’s medical care by measuring and learning from his or her biological, environmental, and social realities. Genome sequencing is one of these tools, and genetics and genomics is a core focus of Geisinger National and our approach to population-based precision health. 

Gene changes are the framework for human health traits that can predict future illness. Since genomic information is passed along from generation to generation, understanding these genes has the chance to not only benefit a single patient, but those who share the same variant within families.

Preventing disease

Our goal is to prevent or reduce the burden of disease by providing critical genetic insights to providers – not just when their patients are sick, but when they are healthy.

We will bring genomics and data science to patients and health systems across the country. This kind of information empowers and engages patients by providing them with access to information about how to emphasize health and wellness.

Erica Ramos

“My passion is to accelerate the use of genomics to predict and prevent disease. We want genomic testing to be an enduring resource for clinicians, patients and their families.”

Erica Ramos
Director and Head, Clinical & Business Development
Geisinger National