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Mako hip and knee replacement surgery, only* at Geisinger

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Rosanne went from hip replacement back to work in two weeks

Mako robotic-arm–assisted joint replacement surgery can be life-changing

Rosanne Hartland is a go-getter.

Having worked as a nurse for the past 30 years, the 63-year-old from Taylor loves her job and is always on the go. So, when Roseanne suffered a hip fracture at the end of the summer, she did what most of us would do — she pushed through the pain.

“Back in August, I thought I had pulled a groin muscle,” says Rosanne. “Then September went by, October — I couldn’t deal with the pain.

After an MRI revealed Rosanne had suffered a hip fracture, she made an appointment with Geisinger orthopaedic surgeon John Mercuri, MD. Dr. Mercuri told Rosanne she would need a total hip replacement, and that she was an excellent candidate for Mako® robotic-arm–assisted joint replacement surgery.

“Dr. Mercuri explained how robotic surgery would work and how precise it is,” says Rosanne. “He’s all about technology and advanced medicine. I watched a video on how it worked and how they would replace my damaged hip joint.” 

Same-day surgery: Back at home by dinnertime

Rosanne had hip replacement surgery on Dec. 4. She was back at home before dinnertime that night.

“All of that pain prior to surgery was gone on the first day,” recalls the mom of two. “I had the pain for so long — a couple of months. Now I no longer have any of it!”

Soon after her procedure, Rosanne started physical therapy three days a week. She used a walker to help her get around as she built her strength back up. 

In one week, she no longer needed the walker. And in two weeks, she was back to work and her normal daily activities, including bending and kneeling to play with her spunky dachshund puppy, Susie.

“The operation was top-notch,” says Roseanne. “For anyone who’s thinking about getting this done, I’d like to put them at ease. From beginning to end, there’s absolutely nothing to fear.”

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Living with chronic joint pain can dominate your every waking moment and take away your independence. If you suffer from advanced stages of osteoarthritis or degenerative knee or hip problems, a joint replacement could be your saving grace.

Meet Mako, the robotic arm that assists in joint replacement surgery for:

  • Partial knee replacement
  • Total knee replacement
  • Total hip replacement

Mako is transforming the way joint replacement surgery is performed. 

With 99 percent or better accuracy, this minimally invasive, surgeon-controlled procedure means less pain, smaller incisions and faster recovery. 

It’s highly advanced surgical technology combined with the Geisinger expertise you trust. 

Download our free guide so you can get moving again — and get back to you.

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*As the sole provider of Mako joint replacement surgery in the region*, Geisinger offers Mako procedures at three locations:

Geisinger Community Medical Center

1800 Mulberry St. 
Scranton, PA 18504


Geisinger Shamokin Area Community Hospital**

4200 Hospital Road
Coal Township, PA 17866
**a campus of Geisinger Medical Center


Geisinger South Wilkes-Barre***

25 Church St.
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18765
***a campus of Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center