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Frequently Asked Questions:

What electronic health information is available?

We make notes and results available to our patients. This includes notes on history and physical exams, consultations, progress, procedures and discharge summaries. You also have access to your results including laboratory and imaging. 
Sometimes your provider may decide not to share a note. For more information, send them a secure message in MyChart. If you can’t access a note or result and suspect it’s a technical issue, call the service desk. For Geisinger patients call 570-214-0003 or complete this form. For other organizations call 570-849-6917 or complete this form

When do I have access to my notes and results?

As soon as your provider finalizes them. In some cases, test results or other information may also be released before your provider has a chance to review them. If you’d rather wait to discuss your results with your provider, send them a secure message before reviewing.

What do my results mean?

Your lab results will typically include details that fall under one of three readings:
  • Negative/normal — This means the test didn’t find what was being tested for or the range is within what’s considered standard
  • Positive/abnormal — This means the test showed what was being tested for
  • Inconclusive — This means the results did not provide enough information to make a diagnosis
Additionally, you may see a set of numbers that tell you what the standard range is for that specific test and what your numbers are, such as cholesterol levels or complete blood count. It’s important to note, numbers outside the standard range do not necessarily mean there is a problem.
Depending on the type of lab work you are having done, you may see different numbers or information specific to the test. Stress, being sick or taking certain medications can affect your results.
Results that require additional testing or treatment will be addressed by your healthcare provider. If you aren’t sure what your numbers mean or you have a question, call your doctor’s office or send a message to your provider through MyChart.
If you’d rather see your doctor in person to discuss your results, you can schedule an appointment or send them a message right through MyChart.

How do I find a specific visit information?

To filter which appointments and past visits to view, go to the Appointments page in MyChart, where you can change the drop down filter to select your view based on provider, department or clinical specialty.  

Is there anything I need to do?

Since more of your electronic health information is now available, you may decide to change who has ‘proxy’ access to your account.

How can I revoke or change proxy access (which allows others to view your medical record information)?

To change a loved one’s access to your medical record, click here, log into your account and select “Share My Record” then “Friends and Family Access.” Then select the “Revoke” button next to the name of the person you wish to remove. Confirm by selecting “Revoke” again. 

Note: Children 13 to 17 can access their records with approval from a parent or legal guardian. 
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