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I’m looking for lab/test results

In the patient portal, click Test & Lab Results at the top of the screen. You can also select Menu in the top left of the screen and click Test & Lab Results, located under My Record. 
To see hospital results, click the Include Hospital Results button. 
What labs are visible to me in the patient portal?
You may see labs that are:
  • Ordered by a Geisinger or non-Geisinger doctor and completed at a Geisinger lab
  • Completed during a hospital stay – click the Include Hospital Results button under Test and Lab Results
Labs you may not see include:
  • Those ordered by a non-Geisinger doctor and completed at a non-Geisinger lab
  • Those still being processed
  • Any labs that were scanned into your medical record for the following: Pathology, cytology, biopsies, some cardiac studies, some CT scans or missing labs/test results

What do my results mean?

If you wish to access these lab results, call or message your doctor's office. If your lab results are missing, fill out this form or call us at 570-214-0003