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Who is eligible?

Online registration for Geisinger's patient portal is available to Geisinger patients age 18 and over. 

How to register:

  • Complete the user registration process. Remember your username and password for future logins.
  • During registration, you can request access to your medical record.
  • If access is requested, you may elect to instantly activate your account, or have an activation letter containing an activation code mailed to the address recorded in our patient files.
  • Based on your choice of activation methods, follow the instructions provided.
  • If you need access to another person's record, click here for parental access and here for access if the patient is 18 years or older.

Scheduling your COVID-19 vaccine in myGeisinger  

To schedule your vaccine in myGeisinger, you'll need to create an account.

Note: First-dose COVID-19 vaccine appointments are currently unavailable. Check regularly for updates, as we’ll be posting new appointments as soon as we can.

Here’s how to get started with self-scheduling, depending on which category you fall into:

1. I have been cared for at Geisinger before (or I have Geisinger Health Plan insurance) and I have a medical record number (MRN) and a myGeisinger account.

2. I have been cared for at Geisinger (or I have Geisinger Health Plan insurance) and I have an MRN, but I don’t have a myGeisinger account.

3. I have not been cared for at Geisinger before, I don’t have Geisinger Health Plan insurance and I don’t have a Geisinger medical record number (MRN) or a myGeisinger account.