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Frequently asked questions

What services aren't covered under my loved one's enrollment?

LIFE Geisinger covers the same services that other Medicare or Medicaid health plans cover, except in an all-inclusive setting.

If you need care while outside of the area (such as emergency or urgent care), you will need to notify LIFE Geisinger within 48 hours (or as soon as it is reasonably possible to do so).

If hospitalization outside the area is needed, LIFE Geisinger will work with the care providers to transfer you back to contracted facilities when appropriate.

Will I have co-payments or deductibles?

No, once you are enrolled in LIFE Geisinger, you will have:

  • No copayments, no deductibles, although individuals will be responsible to pay for their Medicare part B premiums.
  • All medically necessary prescription drugs (these are covered under LIFE Geisinger Medicare Part D benefit)
  • All necessary over the counter drugs
  • No threshold gaps in coverage; continuous coverage throughout the year

In some cases there may be a monthly premium required to participate in LIFE Geisinger, depending on your income.

Is home nursing care an extra cost?

All authorized services are covered by the program at no cost to you. The state may apply cost-sharing based upon income and family situation if you are placed in a facility for more than 30 days.

What are some of the main advantages of enrolling in LIFE Geisinger?

  • Our dedicated geriatric health professionals know you personally.
  • Complete long-term care coverage.
  • Coordinated 24-hour advice and care.
  • Support for family caregivers.
  • Care designed specifically for your individual needs.
  • One provider to oversee your care whether at home, in a hospital or in a nursing facility.
  • No co-insurance, deductibles or payments due for services you receive for those who financially qualify.

What makes LIFE Geisinger such a unique, comprehensive program for eligible seniors?

At LIFE Geisinger, a dedicated, qualified team of geriatric professionals integrates care daily to provide individualized solutions for each participant’s unique needs. With one team overseeing all care, including medical, therapies, meals and nutritional counseling, social services, homecare, adult day services, medications, activities and socialization, personal care, and more, you can be assured that ALL of your needs are met. Our program enables seniors to live independently at home while receiving the services they need at the center and at home. Additionally, once services are determined to be a need, they are provided at no cost for eligible seniors.

Do I have to change doctors?

As a participant in the LIFE Geisinger program, your Primary Care physician will be a LIFE Geisinger Physician or could be one of our Community Waiver Physicians (call for details). With LIFE Geisinger, you get all of the standard services provided by a family physician, in addition to social services, transportation, meals and much more. The benefit of the LIFE program is the intimate nature of the relationship between our physicians, the care team, the caregivers and you.

What if I become sick or injured after center hours?

LIFE Geisinger staff is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year. LIFE Geisinger’s medical team will advise what to do and make necessary arrangements to provide necessary care. If a medical emergency arises, we will be there to assist and support as we never relinquish the care of our participants.

How often do participants visit the day health center?

The frequency of visits to the center will be determined based on need and preference. Some participants come every week day, some come two to three times per week, some come once a month. Our services are specific to the unique needs of the individual.

Pending approval by the CMS and the Office of Long Term Living Nov. 22, 2017