Vendor relations

Vendor registration
Geisinger Health System (GHS) has implemented a vendor program to ensure that patient care is not influenced by consideration other than what is best for the patients of GHS. All GHS vendors are expected to become familiar with:

Vendors are expected to uphold all guidelines set forth within each document. These documents may be updated from time to time.

In addition, GHS has enacted further requirements for clinical vendors (as defined in Section IV of the Vendor Policy and Procedure) in the form of vendor credentialing, which is managed through Symplr Vendor Credentialing (SVC). These requirements have been put in place to better control vendor access and to help validate that all such vendors are appropriately trained, authorized and insured by their employer, further ensuring the safety of the patients, staff, visitors and vendors of Geisinger Health System.

  • If you are a clinical vendor, but are not an SVC member, go to and click on Sign Up. Vendors needing assistance with signing up should contact Symplr at 866-373-9725.
  • Clinical vendors who already are SVC members should go to and login using their current user ID and password to register with GHS.

Clinical and pharmaceutical vendors must be fully credentialed within thirty (30) days of notification.

Vendor check-in
Clinical vendors wishing to visit departments, sections or clinics at GHS must have an appointment and, upon arrival on a GHS property, will report to the appropriate clinical vendor registration area between 6 a.m. - 8 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Vendors who are checking in to Geisinger's surgical suites, we ask you to leave your cell phones in the locker room area. Cell phones have a negative impact on some communication systems in our operating rooms areas and we ask you to please be courteous of this rule.

Clinical Vendor Registration Areas

  • Supply Chain Services - Geisinger Community Medical Center (GCMC)
  • Information desk - Geisinger Medical Center (GMC), Geisinger Wyoming Valley (GWV)
  • Operating room control desk - GMC, GWV, GCMC, Geisinger Bloomsburg (GBH), Geisinger Shamokin (GSACH)
  • Same-day surgery - Geisinger South Wilkes-Barre (GSWB)
  • System therapeutics- GMC, GWV
  • Interventional cardiology - GMC, GWV
  • Interventional radiology - GMC, GWV
  • GMC Outpatient Surgery at Woodbine
  • Interventional pain - Woodbine
  • Geisinger Specialty Clinics - GWV 675 Baltimore Dr.

If there is difficulty in locating a clinical vendor registration area, contact Supply Chain Services at 570-271-6628, option 2 for assistance.

Purchasing policy
All purchases made by Geisinger Health System will be processed through the Purchasing Department via a purchase order. All purchases are governed by the Geisinger Purchase Order Terms & Conditions referenced below. No other terms or conditions apply unless agreed to in writing signed by Geisinger and the seller. Purchase order numbers must be referenced on all invoices from vendors. Any invoice received without a valid purchase order number may not be paid.

Contact us

Supply Chain Services
Purchasing: option 2
Accounts payable: option 7
Administration: option 5
Emergency deliveries: option 6
Fax: 570-271-5944

For questions regarding credentialing:
Kim Harmon
SVC System Administrator

Bonnie Miller
SVC System Administrator
570-271-5555, ext. 52591

Symplr Vendor Credentialing