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For Patients and Members
Notice of privacy practices

Geisinger is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of its patients’ and members’ medical information. In compliance with state and federal law, Geisinger provides the following links to its Notices of Privacy Practices:

Important updates to our notice of privacy practices

Effective Oct. 1, 2019, Geisinger is making important changes to the Geisinger Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP). The notice of privacy practices for Geisinger Health Plan and Marworth are unchanged. The new NPP addresses:

  • How Geisinger will communicate with you via text and email
    - If you provide us with your mobile number and/or email address, we will use that information to communicate healthcare-related information, such as clinic or office closings on the date of your appointment.
    - If you do not wish to receive these communications, you can opt out by replying to the message and/or by following the opt-out instructions in the NPP.

  • How Geisinger participates and shares data on health information exchanges (HIEs)
    - To promote coordinated care, Geisinger makes your medical records available to doctors and hospitals that participate in HIEs in which Geisinger is a member. This provides continuity of care and reduces the need for you to supply paper copies of records to your doctors. 
    - If you do not wish to participate in HIEs, instructions to opt out are provided in the NPP.

  • How Geisinger will share data with other HIPAA-covered entities that use our integrated electronic health record (EHR)
    - Geisinger partners with doctors, clinics and hospitals that also use our EHR. If these entities have a treatment relationship with you, they have access to your medical records to promote integrated care.

Please review the new NPP carefully as it explains how we use your information and your rights under federal and state law. You will be provided with a copy of the new NPP at your first visit to Geisinger after Oct. 1, 2019.

Universal Authorization – Geisinger will takes steps to limit the sharing of certain sensitive information including substance use disorder, inpatient mental health, and HIV/AIDs treatment records unless you have a Universal Authorization on file. To learn more about our Universal Authorization and the benefits of coordinated care, please click here.

HIPAA right of access
If you wish to request access to your records pursuant to HIPAA, complete the Patient Access Request Form (PDF). Click for instructions for submitting the form (PDF). If you require assistance completing the form, contact the System Privacy Office at 570-271-7360 or

For Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program patients
Geisinger has an integrated model of care where we share protected health information (PHI) with other providers for treatment purposes.  Please click here for a list of providers with whom we may share your PHI if you have a treatment relationship with that provider.

*“Geisinger” shall collectively refer to the separate legal entities of Geisinger Health. Geisinger comprises Geisinger Health as parent and its subsidiaries, affiliates and members. Although Geisinger Health does not provide medical care or employ physicians, it is the corporate parent of the covered entities listed in the linked Notice of Privacy Practices, each of which is an individual corporate entity legally separate and distinct from Geisinger Health.