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PA Health Magazine-Spring 2020-COVID-19 Special Edition

#LongLiveHeroes: Stories from the front lines of the pandemic

For many people, working in healthcare is a calling. They’re driven to put in long hours in sometimes difficult conditions by a deep desire to help others.

But when an extraordinary event like a pandemic occurs, doctors, nurses and other personnel are also scared and sometimes overwhelmed, just like the rest of us.

Yet the men and women who staff our hospitals and clinics continue to go into work every day, setting aside their own concerns and selflessly caring for those in our communities — whether that means cleaning rooms, transporting patients, serving meals, screening for the new virus or performing emergency surgery.


Your Guide to Health & Well-Being

Welcome to the digital edition of PA Health magazine, where you’ll find content from our special COVID-19 print issue.

This edition is designed to direct you to the resources and information you need to stay safe, protect your friends and families and get through this difficult time so we can all enjoy the better times that lie ahead. 

Please note: information is evolving rapidly during the COVID-19 pandemic. All content was accurate at the time of publication.

Cover your cough or sneeze by burying your nose and mouth in your crooked elbow

Prevention is crucial. Every ounce matters.

Staying at home as much as possible or hanging back a few extra feet in line at the grocery store, each step you take to combat COVID-19 is a chance to look out for your neighbors’ (and your own) well-being.

Mother consoling teen daughter during quarantine due to COVID-19

The family that stays in together…

Staying at home can be especially difficult for teenagers, who are usually involved in multiple activities and eager to assert their independence. Here are some hints for hunkering down with a teen or two. Or three.


Family exercising together to manage stress during quarantine

Exercise new options to exercise.

It’s perfectly okay to do things that make you happy. In fact, it’s not just okay. It’s good for your health. Spend time reading, writing, knitting, decluttering, painting, meditating or doing yoga or yard work — whatever you enjoy.

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