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Welcome to EMRLink

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you learn about our referring physician portal. If you need further assistance, please call the Service Desk at 570-271-8092 or contact us.

Frequently asked questions

What is EMRlink?

EMRLink is a secure physician portal, designed to facilitate patient care by providing clinical information to physicians. It provides access to patient information stored in Geisinger's electronic medical record. Users can view a patient's entire Geisinger electronic medical record. It does not include Geisinger Health Plan insurance information. 

Who is eligible for EMRLink?

EMRLink is intended for physician practices and licensed healthcare organizations that interact with Geisinger physicians to provide treatment for patients - for example, physicians with patient referrals to/from Geisinger.

How do I get access to EMRLink?

Select "How To Enroll" for information on how to request access.

How do I get a new EMRLink Activation letter?

Contact your Geisinger physician liaison or us for more information.

Technical Support

For technical support, review our browser requirements here and learn more on how to delete your browsing history. If you still need assistance call the Service Desk at 570-271-8092 or contact us.

Login Changes

How do I reset my password?

Select "Forgot password." Follow the prompts to confirm your identity and create a new password. If you cannot reset your password, call the Geisinger Service Desk at 570-271-8092.

How does the log in process work?

The updated login process protects you in two ways. Each time you sign in to EMRLink, you will be identified based on your username, password and device, and you identify the EMRLink site using your security image and phrase.

Once set up, if the system recognizes that you are accessing EMRLink through a different computer, it will ask you two security questions. If your security questions are answered correctly, your security image and security phrase will be displayed when you are asked for your password. The display of your chosen image and phrase is assurance that you have reached the legitimate EMRLink site.

Can I still access EMRLink through multiple computers?

Yes, you can still access EMRLink through any number of computers. When you wish to access EMRLink from a computer that you have not used before, the system may trigger a higher risk for that computer and ask for additional verification. A notice on the screen will ask you to identify the telephone number at your location (from the list of telephone numbers you entered during registration) and show an authentication code on the screen. You will then receive a telephone call at that number and be asked to enter the code on the screen to verify your identity. You will also be asked two security questions for additional verification. The system will also give you the option to recognize the computer so that the questions will not be asked in the future. If you choose not to identify the computer, you will be asked two security questions the next time you access EMRLink from that computer. You should not choose to recognize a public computer.

Can more than one EMRLink user use the same computer?

Yes. Just as before, your EMRLink user ID and password are unique to you. This is also the case with the security image, security phrase, and security questions you set up during enrollment.

Password Security Question

I forgot my password.

Select "Forgot password." Follow the prompts to confirm your identity and create a new password. If you cannot reset your password, use "Contact us" to send us a message.

Why is my password no longer saved or prefill?

For your security, you will no longer be able to pre-fill your EMRLink password. While the "remember your password" feature may be useful on some sites, it can also compromise your security and privacy. If a password is saved by the browser on a public computer, that information is available to others for use or theft.

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