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Geisinger becomes the first member of Risant Health

You need to be registered to bill tobacco cessation counseling code D1320.

What to know

  • Quitting tobacco isn’t easy. But according to the CDC, doing so reduces the risk of premature death and can add as much as 10 years to life expectancy.
  • By knowing how to talk to your patients about tobacco, you can help your patients quit, improve their health status and enhance their quality of life.
  • Dentists who provide tobacco cessation services for reimbursement from GHP Family must be registered as a certified Tobacco Cessation Program provider by the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH).
  • If you’re on the Pre-Approved Tobacco Cessation Registry, you can be paid for the tobacco cessation counseling services provided to your GHP Family patients.
  • Once registered, you’ll be reimbursed for appropriately billing D1320 - tobacco counseling for the control and prevention of oral disease.

Acquire your statewide tobacco counseling certification

  • Visit the state’s Pre-Approved Tobacco Cessation Registry page.
  • Complete Every Smoker, Every Time (ESET) — a free, 60-minute online training course about tobacco, nicotine and the health risks associated with their use. Pass the post-course test and save your emailed certificate. You’ll need the certificate to register with the state.
  • Complete the Pre-Approved Tobacco Cessation Registry (TREES) application: 1) Fill all required fields; 2) Print your completed application; 3) Verify you’ve checked the attestation box; 4) Print, sign and date the form and include your title; 5) Submit the completed application, along with the ESET notification to DOH:
    • Email:
    • Mail: Pre-Approved Tobacco Cessation Registry Program
      Division of Tobacco Prevention and Control
      Pennsylvania Department of Health
      625 Forster St., Room 1032, H&W Building
      Harrisburg, PA 17120
    •  Fax: 717-214-6690

Billing D1320

  • In order to bill D1320, each provider must be enrolled with the 370-specialty code.
  • For dentists, the first step in this process will automatically initiate when you check the box to be referred to DHS MA on the TREES application.
  • For Public Health Dental Hygiene Practitioners, a separate enrollment application is needed to enroll as a PT 37 Specialty type 370. Complete this application online.
  • D1320 can be billed only for members aged 13 and older, once per calendar year for each member, and must be done in conjunction with a scheduled cleaning procedure or within six months of a cleaning procedure. 
  • D1320 must be billed with Nicotine Dependence code F17.200 - F17.299.
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