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Due to high volumes, processing time may be delayed for parental, caregiver and power of attorney requests.
We will process your request as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.


Learn more about MyGeisinger’s helpful features. Here are 6 reasons to use MyGeisinger:

  1. Access MyGeisinger on-the-go with the MyChart app
  2. Manage and schedule appointments
  3. View most lab and test results
  4. View medications and request prescription renewals
  5. Message your doctor and care team
  6. 24/7 access to your or your loved one’s medical record

See how it works

The MyGeisinger app

Grandparents video chatting with Geisinger
“The MyChart app is very intuitive and always accessible. I appreciated being able to track my progress notes in real time. And it’s easy to see lab and test results, schedule appointments — and add them right to your calendar. It’s a great tool.”

Suzanne Hoy, who used the MyChart app to help manage her health during a hospital stay