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Autism & Developmental Medicine

We improve the lives of children diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorders. Our program combines medical management, behavior analysis, and research, to create a personalized treatment plan for each patient. This unique approach helps us understand what causes these disorders and how to provide better care for our patients.

Some neurodevelopmental disorders are obvious, while others are hard to spot. Our specialists provide diagnostic testing, along with intervention and treatment, for a range of neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism. Our goal is to work with children and their caregivers to achieve the best outcome for a child’s diagnosis.

Why choose Geisinger for developmental medicine?

  • Care tailored for our patients: Our team of specialists work together to diagnose and treat children and teens. We care for developmental conditions of varying severities. Using evidence-based medicine, we identify effective solutions, delivering them with skill and compassion.
  • Cutting-edge, state of the art care: Children with complex neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism can benefit from research-backed early interventions. Our nationally recognized Autism & Developmental Medicine Institute brings together a number of specialties under one roof:
    • Neurodevelopmental pediatrics
    • Developmental psychology
    • Neuroimaging
    • Medical genetics
    • Behavior analysis
    • Speech/language assessments
    • Medication management
  • Innovation and research: The best clinical care is the result of quality research. We seamlessly integrate clinical care with innovative research to identify and develop improved treatments.
  • Education and support: We make a long-term commitment to patients, families, and the community. We promote ongoing learning and support through regular community events, family support activities, and trainings for families and educators.

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