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Give the gift of a healthier future today

Philanthropy supports everything we do at Geisinger.

Geisinger Health Foundation and our generous supporters power a wellness movement to make better health easier for everyone.

As a donor, you can help provide leading-edge, personalized care to our patients; educate the medical pioneers of tomorrow; advance innovative solutions that make care more efficient and effective; remove barriers to health and wellness; and strengthen community programs that empower our friends and neighbors to live better, healthier lives.

Join our community of more than 16,000 donors

With a gift, you'll help us remove barriers to wellness, bring world-class care to your neighbors and train the healthcare teams of tomorrow. And every penny goes right back into your community.

Image with text saying "500,000 members"
Geisinger Health Plan serves nearly 600,000 members throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maine.
Image with text: "24,000 employees" with a drawn doctor
Our physician-led system consists of approximately 32,000 employees, including 1,800 employed physicians.
image with text "1 million"
Geisinger serves more than 3 million community members throughout central, south-central and northeast Pennsylvania.
Graphic of a hospital
Geisinger has 11 hospital campuses and two research centers.

Our priorities

Your gift can support life-changing and lifesaving programs like these:

Patient experience: Overcoming geographical barriers to maternal and pediatric care.

 young girl with her pediatrician
Philanthropy helps us break down geographical barriers by supporting services and technologies like remote monitoring to prevent dangerous birth complications in pregnant women; mobile health units that bring pediatric care to underserved communities; and new pediatric emergency zones at Geisinger Wyoming Valley and Geisinger Medical Center.

Community: Expanding access to world-class cancer care, close to home.

Female Neighbor Helping Senior Woman With Shopping
More than 1 out of 4 patients leave our area for cancer care. Philanthropy is allowing us to expand the Henry Cancer Center, which will create a larger chemotherapy infusion center, better access to oncology and radiation services; and enhance our bone marrow transplant program.

Innovation: Overcoming a physician shortage by training a new generation of doctors.

Young woman using a machine to conduct a medical test in a laboratory
Pennsylvania faces a deficit of more than 1,000 physicians. Philanthropy helps us close this gap by funding scholarships and tuition aid for the Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine.

Technology: Bringing specialty care to neighbors when and where they need it.

Person doing a telemedicine visit with their doctor
Too often, patients skip or cancel important medical appointments due to transportation barriers and the coronavirus pandemic has only amplified this trend. Philanthropy helps these neighbors keep their health on track by supporting our expansion of telemedicine.
Recognizing a caregiver

Recognize a Geisinger caregiver who made a difference