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Botox® is a toxic substance, but cosmetic professionals can safely use it to temporarily smooth wrinkles on your face and neck. It can make you look younger, and our skilled providers have extensive experience with it. They help you feel confident and comfortable about the procedure.

Botox® blocks nerve signals that trigger muscle contractions. We inject it into the skin surrounding your eyes, as well as into your brows, neck and forehead.

What you should know about Botox®:

  • It can take two to seven days for the full results to appear. A Botox® treatment lasts from three to four months. You will need to repeat the procedure for continued results.
  • Botox® has few side effects:
    • Minor but more common: slight bruising and redness at the injection spot
    • Slightly more serious but rare: headache, nausea and temporary facial drooping
    • Very serious and very rare: slurred speech, breathing problems and trouble swallowing, which occur when the toxin spreads beyond the treatment area

Why choose Geisinger for your Botox®?

  • Doctors perform all procedures: Our plastic surgeons and dermatologists perform all Botox® injections.
  • Brilliant Distinctions: We offer Brilliant Distinctions, which is a rewards program that helps you save on Botox® and other facial filler procedures. Every time you get Botox®, or treatment with certain other injectables, you earn points and can exchange them at a later date for a treatment discount.
  • Enhanced facial treatment: Our surgeons are skilled at all cosmetic facial procedures. They can give Botox® injections in combination with a facelift, an eyelift or a brow lift to enhance your results.

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