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Cancer genetics

Our cancer genetics programs determine whether you face a higher than normal cancer risk. Special programs such as MyCode®, which are only available at Geisinger, detect the earliest signs of cancer so you can start treatment right away. Our care and guidance may even help you avoid a cancer diagnosis.

Genes are tiny messengers in your cells that affect the way they grow and function. Genes that lead to cancer can be passed down in families. If you have one or more of these genes, you may face a higher risk of cancer, including breast cancer.

What you should know about cancer genetics:

  • Genetic testing shows whether cancer-causing genes are in your cells. Testing positive means you face a higher than normal cancer risk.
  • We offer additional tests and preventive treatments, to help you avoid a cancer diagnosis.

Why choose Geisinger for cancer genetics?

  • Prevention: We offer screenings for inherited conditions that increase your risk for GI (gastrointestinal) cancer. We test for a variety of conditions, including Lynch syndrome. If you test positive, we refer you to our GI High-Risk Malignancy Clinic. In one visit, you see multiple specialists and together we develop a plan to protect you from cancer. Find out more about GI (gastrointestinal) cancer.
  • Specialized care: We are one of the few programs in the region with a dedicated team of genetic counselors. We explain the risks and benefits of genetic testing and help you learn what the results mean for your future health. If you test positive for cancer-causing genes, we help you make decisions about the next steps in your care, which may include more tests or preventive surgery.
  • Comprehensive testing: Geisinger’s MyCode® Community Health Initiative identifies your risk for cancer and other medical conditions using a simple blood sample or cheek swab. MyCode® makes it possible to detect the earliest signs of cancer even if you have no family history of cancer. Find out more about the MyCode Health Initiative.

Get care through cancer genetics testing

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Genetic testing at Geisinger helps you learn more about your cancer risk so you can gain peace of mind and plan for your future health needs.

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