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Orthopaedic research brings you the best care possible

 Our experts are conducting research to develop the latest, most innovative orthopaedic treatments

Virtual reality for pain management

For some, pain after orthopaedic surgery can be significant and even last throughout recovery. Traditionally, this pain is managed with prescription medication. Opiates are commonly prescribed as part of pain management after surgery, which can lead to opioid use disorder (OUD).

We’re studying the safety and effectiveness of therapeutic virtual reality for pain management. This study works with patients who have had total knee arthroplasty. Our goal? To reduce acute postoperative pain, opioid use and OUD.

After surgery, participants wear a pair of goggles to create the sensation of being transported into immersive, 3D worlds. The goal is to limit the patient’s processing of pain signals, thereby reducing opioid use.

Safe driving after orthopaedic trauma

The ability to operate a motor vehicle is an essential part of everyday life for many of us. Being able to drive again (and soon!) is a genuine concern for those recovering from orthopaedic trauma, such as injuries sustained from a fall, sporting injury or accident.

Being able to promptly and effectively brake is essential to safe driving. Using a driving simulator created at Bucknell University, we’ve launched a study to learn more about patients’ abilities to effectively brake following orthopaedic trauma injuries and help doctors and surgeons decide when a patient can safely return to driving.

Telemedicine appointments following hand surgery

Outpatient hand surgeries (where the person can return home the same day of surgery) are one of the most frequently performed procedures in the U.S. While follow-up care is a critical component of recovery after surgery, there can be challenges associated with it. For some, in-office appointments can mean missing work and arranging for travel and transportation to appointments.

Thanks to advances in communication technology, some of our orthopaedic specialists offer telemedicine follow-up appointments, such as video calls, for common surgical procedures.

We’re exploring how these out-of-office appointments affect safety and patient satisfaction following outpatient hand surgeries.

Orthopaedic research means advanced treatments

An orthopaedic injury can impact your daily life. That’s why our team constantly conducts orthopaedic research studies and stays focused on the latest treatment options. In fact, we publish more research than any other orthopaedic academic center in Pennsylvania. Our commitment to researching new treatments and techniques means better, more advanced care for you.

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