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Personalized treatment and follow-up care

We’re focused on being sure you get the personalized treatment and follow-up care that’s right for your personal long-term management of your rheumatologic disorder.

What you should know about personalized treatment and follow-up care

  • We offer the Patient-Centric Electronic Redesign (PACER®) Touch Screen Questionnaire. A visit to our rheumatology clinic starts with completing this user-friendly digital questionnaire which provides our doctors with the most accurate and reliable information about your progress through treatment.
  • The information provided is stored with your electronic health record, which allows you and your rheumatologist to track your progress over time. This ensures you're getting the most effective treatment possible and that we are meeting your goals as best as is possible.
  • We also offer the AIM FARTHER (Attribution, Integration, Measurement, Finances and Reporting of THERapies) program, which is designed to manage and support your arthritis or rheumatologic disorders.

Why choose Geisinger for your personalized treatment and follow-up care?

  • Our nationally recognized department has successfully created advanced programs that significantly improve the quality of care for our patients.
  • Our quality measures allow us to easily monitor progress and adjust treatment plans to ensure each patient is getting the right kind of care for their specific scenario.

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