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Poor circulation

Poor circulation reduces the ability of feet to heal from injury or trauma and can cause symptoms like cold feet, numbness, tingling or pain. In some cases, the symptoms of poor circulation can be improved through lifestyle modifications, such as quitting smoking and increasing exercise.

One method our podiatry specialists use to address these symptoms is hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which helps the body fight bacteria and heal through exposure to 100 percent oxygen at a higher rate of pressure than normal.

What you should know about poor circulation 

  • Poor circulation, especially in people with diabetes, can make injuries slow to heal.
  • A number of conditions, including diabetes, peripheral artery disease (PAD), high blood pressure and high cholesterol, can interfere with blood flow and cause poor circulation.

Treatment options

Poor circulation can put people at higher risk for infection and slow the healing process for wounds and injuries. We use the latest treatment options for poor circulation, including:

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