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First trimester: Questions to ask during prenatal appointments

Now that you’re pregnant, you probably have a lot of questions. Your first prenatal appointment usually takes place between week 6 and week 8 of pregnancy, which is the perfect time to get them answered. And don’t worry if you miss one – you’ll have a prenatal appointment each month up until week 28! Here are a few questions to get your list started:

  • How much weight should I gain?
  • Are my prescription medications safe for pregnancy?
  • Am I at risk for any complications or conditions?
  • Which over-the-counter medications are safe?
  • Which prenatal vitamin do you recommend?
  • Which prenatal screenings do I need?
  • Is it safe to exercise?
  • What can I do, what should I avoid?
  • Can I have sex?
  • What should I eat and drink? What should I avoid?
  • Which symptoms are normal, which aren’t? When should I call you?
  • How can I relieve my pregnancy symptoms (fatigue, morning sickness)?
  • Can I call you if I have any questions or concerns?
  • Who will deliver my baby?
  • What are my delivery options?

Second trimester: Questions to ask during prenatal appointments 

During your second trimester, things really start to pick up! You’re announcing your pregnancy (if you haven’t already) and your baby is really going to start to grow. You’re feeling great, but you likely have a lot of questions to go along with the changes of trimester two. Now that your body is changing even more, you’re likely to have some additional questions for your doctor. Here are some great ones to ask throughout your second trimester prenatal appointments: 

  • How is my child’s development? 
  • What tests should I get done this trimester? 
  • What is my projected delivery date?
  • How much weight should I be gaining? 
  • What symptoms are normal? What symptoms are abnormal?
  • What complications can arise this trimester? 
  • What kind of exercising can I do? 
  • Is sex still safe? 
  • When will I feel my baby move and kick? When will my partner feel it?
  • Is spotting normal in the second trimester? 
  • Can I color my hair during the second trimester?
  • What should I be eating, and shouldn’t I be eating more? 
  • What types of pain management will I have access to during labor?
  • When should I start sleeping on my side? 
  • Are my prescription medications safe to continue taking? 

Third trimester: Questions to ask during prenatal appointments

You’re getting oh-so-close to baby’s grand entrance! During your last 12 weeks of pregnancy, you and your little one will continue to experience new changes each week. We’re sure 1,001 questions are on your mind, and hopefully, at this point in your pregnancy, you feel comfortable enough to ask your OBGYN, midwife or healthcare provider. Here’s a list of questions you may already be thinking about and some that are great to ask throughout your third trimester prenatal appointments: 

  • Will you be there during my whole labor?
  • What happens if my water breaks in the middle of the night?
  • Will there be a nurse with me throughout my whole labor?
  • What support is available if I want to breastfeed?
  • What’s the difference between “baby blues” and post-partum depression (PPD?)
  • Every time I feel the baby move, it hurts. Is this normal?
  • Can we talk about my birth plan?
  • How likely is it that I’ll need a C-section?
  • How can I tell if I’m going into labor vs. false labor?
  • Is it normal that my hands and feet are swollen?

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