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Transcatheter mitral valve repair (TMVR) and MitraClip

A type of transcatheter mitral valve repair (TMVR), MitraClip is a relatively new heart valve procedure. We use this minimally invasive approach to treat the main form of mitral valve leaking, or mitral regurgitation.

To perform TMVR, your doctor inserts a catheter, or a small, thin tube, into an artery in your groin. The MitraClip device is threaded through your artery to your heart. It attaches to your mitral valve and helps it close more completely.

What you should know about TMVR/MitraClip:

  • TMVR is an alternative to traditional heart valve surgery. Instead of opening your chest to repair the mitral valve, TMVR requires only a small incision. The recovery is quicker, with less downtime.
  • TMVR is currently only approved for people who have the most common form of mitral regurgitation (leaky valve) and are at high risk for surgery. It is only available through certain heart programs.

Why choose Geisinger for TMVR/MitraClip?

  • Region’s only provider offering MitraClip: We are the only heart program in the region and one of the few in Pennsylvania offering MitraClip for mitral regurgitation (leaky valve). Only heart programs with a record of excellence were chosen to perform this procedure.
  • Range of treatments: We see many cases of heart valve disease, and offer the full range of treatments. If you do not qualify for MitraClip, our heart care team specializes in repairing mitral valves through heart valve surgery.
  • Team approach to care: We provide your care as a team, with cardiologists and surgeons working closely together. Our goal is to get the best outcome for you, and to return you to the activities you enjoy as soon as possible.

Treats these conditions

TMVR/MitraClip is a minimally invasive treatment available for certain people with:

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