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Our radiology specialists use X-ray imaging to diagnose injury to bones, joints and internal organs and to identify infection or other abnormalities within the body.

Our physicians use X-ray imaging to diagnose fractured bones or joint dislocations, look for injury or infection, and find foreign objects in soft tissue.

What you should know about X-ray 

  • X-rays are one of the most commonly used medical imaging procedure.
  • An X-ray is a quick and painless procedure.
  • Some types of X-rays require the use of a contrast material to improve the visibility of structures within the body.

Treats these conditions

Geisinger’s radiology specialists use the latest in X-ray technology to diagnose a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Fractured bone
  • Injury or infection
  • Foreign objects lodged in soft tissue

Specialties and institutes

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