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The DiscovEHR collaboration with the Regeneron Genetics Center

Since 2014, our main scientific partner under the MyCode Community Health Initiative is the Tarrytown, N.Y.-based Regeneron Genetics Center (RGC).

RGC is a subsidiary of Regeneron, a leading, science-focused biotechnology company.

Through our “DiscovEHR” partnership, Geisinger and RGC are mapping the genetic variation – the rare and common changes to our genes – across the human genome. At the same time, we are advancing our understanding of human biology, discovering gene-disease connections, and identifying potential targets for new medicines.

We have published scientific studies of our work in some of the country’s most prestigious academic journals, including Science and the New England Journal of Medicine.

The DiscovEHR partnership has helped Geisinger to become the only healthcare system in the nation doing genomic medicine on a large-scale, population basis. Geisinger’s trail-blazing work to move genomic research into clinical care has made us a leader in precision medicine and paved the way for others in the healthcare industry to follow.

Through DiscovEHR, Geisinger and the RGC are creating one of the world’s most comprehensive genetics databases, matching genetic data and de-identified electronic health records of nearly 100,000 people so far.

Building upon its strengths in mouse genetics and genetics-driven drug discovery, data from the DiscovEHR collaboration is allowing RGC to determine, on a large scale, the genetic factors that cause, influence or protect against a range of human diseases. RGC helps Regeneron’s existing preclinical and clinical programs by validating disease indications, screening for safety considerations and assessing how to apply precision and personalized medicine approaches to treating diseases. This work allows Regeneron to potentially speed and optimize drug development, potentially leading one day to new and improved medicines for people in need.

regeneron graphic outcomes from genetics center
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